The Action of the Foundation

The objective of the foundation is to provide support to financially weak patients who are in need of treatment in Greece or abroad or are not covered by any social security to meet the costs of their hospitalization abroad, and financial backing for economically weak families and other charities

Up to now, Lambropoulos Foundation has provided help to over 3,500 families and 100 charities.

Help is provided after thorough examination of medical certificates and proofs of deprivation or financial inability. Up to now, more than € 4.5 million have been spent on charity, and more than 3,500 families and 100 charities have been assisted.

Letters of Thanks

“[…]AURORA is funded exclusively by donations and sponsorships and gives its own struggle to support those who are fighting against hematological illnesses in Greece and their families. We are close to those in need: with the hospitalization of patients in Athens, with the side support offered by the provision of a psychologist, nutritionist and physiotherapist, with the commitment to assist the competent nursing centers in Greece and to contribute to the innovative research[…]”

Thank-you Letter by AURORA

“The effort that is being made in a period of great economic distress has found your critical support because you appreciated the Center’s special work and this fills us with satisfaction and honor. […] With the donation of your Foundation, you have made a decisive contribution to achieving the quantitative and qualitative objectives of the Program of this project […]”

Thank-you Letter by the Initiative for the Child

“On behalf of our organization, we thank you for your valuable contribution to the social work. Your donation was an invaluable support for our Home and a warm embrace for our children. […] We wish you wholeheartedly Merry Christmas and the New Year to be full of health, abundance and joy […]”

Thank-you Letter by AbbaHouse

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“At a difficult social and economic juncture, Dimitrios & Blanche Lambropoulos Foundation supported our school, contributing to the maximum extent to the supply of necessary equipment of supervisory means for our students. […] made a donation that was used to create a sensory integration hall in the school premises. Since then, this hall has upgraded the quality of education of the school for special needs, offering daily opportunities for mental relief and joyful enjoyment to our students. […].”

Rethymno Primary School for Children with Special Needs

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 16.54.57“Please accept the warmest thanks of the Board of Directors, children and staff of the Spastics Protection Society for the generous donation of the Dimitrios & Blanche Lambropoulos Foundation, which significantly strengthened the therapeutic swimming program, which operates daily at the “Open Door” Model Center for 60 children and adults with cerebral palsy.”

Hellenic Spastics Protection Society

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“The Board of Directors of the Welfare and Educational Foundation for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Greece feels the need to express their gratitude and warm thanks to your Foundation for the long-term and continuous financial assistance provided by you […]”

Welfare and Educational Foundation for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Greece

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“Your extremely generous offer to THEOTOKOS Foundation has been really valuable for the work that has been done in our organization for more than 50 years. Your donation is a sign of generosity and understanding of the serious problems of our society. It provides not only material, but mainly moral support, to our difficult task which is to care for and protect children, adolescents and young people with special needs.

I.P.A.P. – Foundation for the Protection & Rehabilitation of Children and Young People with Intellectual Disability

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 16.58.21On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Foundation: “MELISSA” Orphanage for Girls, I would like to thank you from my heart for the interest and support you offer to our protected children for many years. Your warm response to our every call and the trust you have showed from the beginning in our fight is truly touching. Your always valuable help is a springboard for us to continue the complex work of child protection […]”

“MELISSA” Orphanage for Girls

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“Acts of true friendship, such as yours, encourage our effort to offer protection, care, and rehabilitation to children who have been neglected and abused and to hope for a better world for all the children of our country.”

ELIZA – Society against child abuse

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“Please accept a big, warm THANK YOU from all of us here in the “Ark of the World” for your help to us and your kind feelings and your Humanism towards the unprotected child. Your help is very important to us, we are really glad to have you with us and we hope to continue to have your support. We wish all of you, your families and your partners, health, love, creation, happiness, optimism, and to always help those around you.”

“Arc of the World”

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“A great thank you and endless gratitude is the least we could express and feel towards all of you for the love, support, and trust with which you have embraced our work and the children we protect since 2007. DIMITRIOS & BLANCHE LAMBROPOULOS FOUNDATION has repeatedly backed our work by contributing to the training, education and accommodation of children living and growing in the SOS Children’s Villages of Vari (Athens) and Plagiari (Thessaloniki).”

SOS Children’s Villages of Greece

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This difficult time of the great economic crisis that our country is going through, with the needs of people constantly growing, and volunteering unfortunately many times replacing the State, you have come as “Manna from Heaven”, to help our Organization, with so many ways, like with your first sponsorship of a vehicle (van) to cover the continuous transport of goods and materials of the Organization. Then after, you continued to cover and meet the needs of cases that had to be dealt promptly, after thorough inspection…”

Volunteers of the World

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The Board of Directors of the Hellenic Society for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons – ELEPAP, is sincerely obliged to the big embrace of love that Dimitrios & Blanche Lambropoulos Foundation has opened for children with disabilities. With great sensitivity and sincere interest, you have supported with your valuable help the many years of ELEPAP’s work in Athens and its branches throughout Greece, strengthening the Organization’s main goal of providing high quality holistic rehabilitation services in a secure and friendly environment for children and adults with disabilities.”

ELEPAP, Hellenic Society for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons

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On behalf of “Panmakaristos” Foundation for the Child, we would like to thank you for your donations to our Organization. We really feel grateful for your support in our work. Dimitris & Blanche Lambropolos Foundation are ranked among those we call “Great Greeks”. May you always be well to remember them, to honor them, and to continue their work.”

“Panmakaristos” Foundation for the Child

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“We thank you warmly for your affection towards the “Home of Love” and for the very important donation of your Foundation. As we have already informed you, in the celebration of our sacred duty towards the founders of your Foundation, the names of its founders, i.e. Dimitrios and Blanche Lambropoulos, are already mentioned and will be mentioned in perpetuity during the celebration of the Divine Liturgy in either of the two Holy Temples of the “Home of Love” Shelter in Paiania.”

Elderly Care Unit “Home of Love, St. John the Evangelist Society”

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