The Foundation

The Charity Action of Lambropoulos Bros Co.

During its operation, and mainly in the post-war years, Lambropoulos Bros followed a philanthropic policy, with main beneficiaries the patients and the financially weaker citizens of Athens; indicatively, with sums such as €293,000 at the end of 1952, €513,000 in 1953 and €1,100,000 in April 1954, while in November 1961 it was decided to provide support to the flood victims of Athens and Piraeus with clothing.

Consistent with this policy, Takis X. Lambropoulos also proceeded to limited-range donations in Kontovazena, Ileia -place of family origin- where the entrepreneurs wanted to expand and consolidate the benefaction granted to the community by the establishment of two public benefit institutions bearing the same name, oriented to meet respective needs. Two of the founders created two independent institutions with different objectives and courses.

Dimitrios and Blanche Lambropoulos Foundation

The Foundation’s establishment was approved by Presidential Decree 426/1977 and published in Government Gazette 130A/14-05-1977. It started operating in February 1978, based in Athens. 95% of revenue goes to relief and charity work, and the remainder is kept as a reserve, with absolute clarity. Its revenue comes from the interest of the invested capital and is managed by a four-member Board of Directors, now constituted by Xeni Pan. X. Lambropoulou (President), Vasileios Avarkiotis (Vice-President), Elena Pan. K. Lambropoulou (Treasurer) and Thomas Io. Varvitsiotis (Member).

The director of social work of the foundation is Athanasia Papa.

Lambropoulos Foundation began operating in February 1978, with revenues coming from the interest on the invested capital and managed by a four-member Board of Directors.

The fifth, in turn, brother of Xenophon Lambropoulos, Dimitrios was married at an advanced age to Lefkothea (Blanche), who, after the death of her husband, handed over with her handwritten will his entire property to the founding of a homonymous institution by appointing Takis X. Lambropoulos as a lifelong president.

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