Opening of new Structures and Facilities – Initiative for the Child in Northern Greece

Press Release

The Initiative for the Child celebrated on Saturday, April 28, 2018, the opening of the new home of the Daycare Center of Veria and the new “Wing of Athanasios Laskaridis – Evi Lazou” of the House of Vergina.

The first event was attended by the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Solidarity Theano Photiou, the President of the political party DIMAR Thanassis Theocharopoulos, the MPs of Imathia Froso Karassarlidou, Christos Antoniou and Giorgos Ursuzidis, the Deputy Administrator of Imathia Region Kostas Kalaitzidis, the Mayor of Veria Kostas Voriazidis, the General Commander of 1st Division Petros Demestichas, Commander of School in Northen Greece for Further Training of Hellenic Police, Police Director Dionysis Kougkas, representatives of the Police Director of Imathia and the Commander of the Fire Brigade of Veria, the Prosecution Office of Judges of the Court of First Instance, Regional Councilors Niki Karatzioula and Theofilos Teligiannidis, the Deputy Mayor of the Social Policy of the Municipality of Veria Theofilos Koronas, the Chairman f the Municipal Council Mr. Petros Tsaparopoulos, the President of KEPA Leonidas Akrivopoulos, the ex-Mayors Andreas Vlazakis and Chara Ousoultzoglou-Georgiadi, the Juvenile Administrator Kostas Mizas, the Municipal Councilor Tilemachos Chatziathanasiou, Chairmen of local Associations, “Police officers of the neighborhood” society, representative of the Association of Greek Psychologists, friends and volunteers of the Organization.

Also, on behalf of Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Ms. Ioanna Kiosse and Ms. Aristi Stathakopoulou, on behalf of “SYNENOSIS” of the Hellenic Shipowners’ Association, the Executive Director Mr. Athanasios Bousios, Ms. Evi Lazou representing Laskaridis Foundation, the President of Dimitrios & Blanche Lambropoulou Foundation Ms. Xeni Lambropoulou, on behalf of Hyatt Ms. Biniari, on behalf of Bright company Mr. Giorgos Vassiliou and Mr. Gerasimos Kalligas.

The Madame Minister stressed the importance of promoting Fostering a Child as a solution to the problem of decongesting the Institutions and praised the effort made by the Childcare Initiative with Alternative Care Structures, such as the Veria Daycare Center, encouraging closer cooperation between the Municipality and social organizations. The greetings of the other representatives of the institutions took place in the same atmosphere.

The Chairman of the Initiative explained the philosophy and focus of the Center’s operation, which is the use of modern means in the psychosocial support of children at risk, so that they do not move away from their family and become independent and decent people.

Subsequently, honorary distinctions were awarded to the donors who helped create the new Center: to Stavros Niarchos Foundation, which was declared “Grand Benefactor” of the Initiative for the Child, to “SYNENOSIS”, which was declared “Grand Donor”, to Lambropoulos Foundation, to the “Femmes d’ Europe” Association from Brussels, to Gerasimos Kalligas, to Bodossaki Foundation, to Bright company, to “Ellinika Market”, LIDL and Saint Gobain, while special reference was made to other donors (such as, the National Bank, “Bio-solar”-Energy company, Leroy Merlin, OPIENTO, Art Brasil, Pasvantidis enterprise and others).

The event ended with the signature of the inaugural ribbon by the attendees.

In Vergina, the event was welcomed by the Mayor of Veria and the regional councilor Mr. Theophilos Teligiannidis. The Chairman of the Initiative stressed the importance that the new wing for adolescents will have on the integrated operation of the whole Structure and referred to the anti-institutional and family-oriented operation of the House, a project that is happening on account of the generosity of the couple Athanasios Laskaridis-Evi Lazou from the Laskaridis Foundation, but also other smaller donors.

Following this, honorable distinctions were awarded to Ms. Maria Gidarakou (plantings), to the companies: Palaplast (irrigation system), Hellasod (lawn), Parkotechniki, (playground); to Charis Anastasiou on behalf of the “Veniamin” Association; to Mr. Giorgos Vasileiou (on behalf of Bright), to Ms. Biniari (on behalf of Hyatt).

Finally, the main donors Athanasios Laskaridis and Evi Lazou were awarded the honorary distinction of the “Grand Donor”, while the new Structure was named “The House of Vergina – Wing of Athanasios Laskaridis-Evi Lazou”.

In her speech Ms. Evi Lazou spoke with flattering words about the work of the Initiative for the Child, which Laskaridis Foundation regards as a strategic partner.

After the cutting of the inauguration ribbon by Mrs. Lazou, followed a reception accompanied by the sounds of the musical program under the direction of Nefeli Bravakis and her team.

The Management of the Initiative for the Child would like to express their cordial thanks to:

– All those who honored with their presence the opening of the new Structures and facilities and confirmed their support for the Institution’s work.

– Nefeli Bravaki and the Filippos Glee female musical ensemble.

-All those who contributed to the success of the reception.

-The volunteers of the Association.

-The Cultural Association “Aiges” of Vergina for their multilateral support.